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Mr. Nima

Co-Owner & COO

Mr. Nima is the Chief Operating Officer of Preston Kiddie Kollege. After graduating from Plano West Senior High School, he spent four years studying at The University of Texas at Dallas and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Before coming to PKK, Nima spent five years as a management consultant. There, Mr. Nima worked with many senior executives in the technology and telecom industries, distilling complex problems to derive unique solutions for many multi-billion-dollar companies.

​Mr. Nima works mostly behind the scenes making business decisions and improving the overall performance of PKK, both the front-end, child experience and the backend, technical innovation side of the business. However, Nima can often be found interacting with the children, occasionally popping into classrooms and even teaching! He is most passionate about optimizing the early childhood education PKK kids receive so that they can enter grade school confidently, and continue on to innovate & accomplish great things.

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