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Young Toddler Program

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Ages 12 months - 24 months

Toddler with food on his face laughing in a daycare classroom.
Preschool Teacher taking a selfie with a smiling 1 year old who is holding a pencil.
Toddler with food on her face, smiling in a daycare classroom.
1 Year Old toddler laughing in a selfie with his preschool teacher who is wearing a decorative mask.

Young toddlers begin using their curiosity to explore.

PKK's young toddler program encourages young toddlers to use their natural curiosity by providing them with new opportunities to explore their environment each day. Our young toddler curriculum introduces colors, shapes, counting numbers 1 through 10, rhythm and rhyme, music and movement, art, and an introduction to the alphabet, literature, and social and emotional learning. Children continue to learn these subjects and more physical activities like practicing walking, eating with a spoon, and learning to play with friends as they begin their preschool experience at PKK.

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About Your Child's Development

Be confident that your child's early development years set them up for success.


To develop language skills at this age, our teachers:

  • Incessantly use clear dialogue and spoken direction with all children, even if not immediately understood/followed

  • Identify and name colors, shapes, body parts, animals, and letters of the alphabet

  • Introduce circle time songs packed with rhyme and rhythm


About Your Child's Environment


Find solace in knowing that your child is safe, well-nurtured, and loved at school.

Our young toddler room teachers are fully trained in:

  • CPR and First Aid for children

  • Safe sleep practices for young toddlers

  • Safest practices during mealtimes with young toddlers​

  • Procedures for lifting children

  • Procedures for preventing & handling accidents, injuries, and emergencies

  • Safest supervision practice

  • Early childhood development and milestones for young toddlers

  • Introductory curriculum for young toddlers to promote language skills, cognitive development, social & emotional learning, and creativity

Certified young toddler classroom teachers

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Young Toddler Program FAQs

Do we bring out own diapers and supplies?

Parents provide diapers, diaper wipes, diaper cream, sunscreen, bug spray, and extra clothes to stay at school in their child's classroom.

What is the teacher to student ratio for this age group?

We allow a maximum of 5 children ages 12-18 months for every 1 teacher, and a maximum of 7 children ages 18-24 months for every 1 teacher in our 1 year old program.

Can I provide my own water for my child?

We are able to provide drinking tap water for children, but if you wish to provide your own water for your child, you are welcome to do so.

Are meals provided at this age?

Yes! Beginning at around age 12 months, children begin eating our school provided breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack, with parent permission. Meals are cut up into small pieces and children are encouraged to learn how to feed themselves using their hands and/or a spoon.

Do the children nap on nap cots?

Yes, beginning at age 12 months, they nap on nap cots during the designated nap time each day. Parents provide nap mat blankets for their child that is brought to school on Monday, then taken home to be washed each weekend.

Should sippy cups be brought to school?

Yes, parents should bring 4 clean sippy cups to school each morning. Two cups are used for milk during breakfast and lunch time, and two cups are used for water throughout the day. Sippy cups are sent home to be washed and sent back to school each morning.

At what age do children start playing outdoors at school?

Starting at age 12 months, children play outdoors twice a day at school, weather permitting.