Pre-K Program

Ages 4 years - 5 years

Three smiling preschool friends graduating together in orange cap and gowns with their arms around each other.
Happy pre-k girl celebrating her birthday in her preschool classroom, with her tongue out eating a cupcake.
Four happy pre-k friends posing for a picture in their preschool classroom with costumes on.

Our Pre-K program focuses on improving cognitive skills and setting up students for Kindergarten success.

Preston Kiddie Kollege Pre-K students are constantly asked to recall information from past days, recognize letters/sounds, and many more activities that strengthen each student's mental growth. Our teachers encourage students to start doing daily tasks on their own and taking initiative during classroom activities.

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About Your Child's Development

Be confident that your child's early development years set them up for success.


To develop language skills at this age, our teachers:

  • Begin connecting the exposure students have received of what each letter sounds like to what each letter looks like to help them begin to sound out words phonetically, then begin to decipher meaning from each words

  • Practice reading and writing common sight words, beginning blends, word families, and simple sentences

  • Always use correct grammar in every day conversation with students​


About Your Child's Environment


Find solace in knowing that your child is safe, well-nurtured, and loved at school.

Our Pre-K room teachers are fully trained in:

  • CPR and First Aid for children

  • Safe sleep practices for children

  • Safest practices during mealtimes with children

  • Procedures for lifting children

  • Procedures for preventing & handling accidents, injuries, and emergencies

  • Safest supervision practice

  • Early childhood development and milestones for Pre-K children

  • Full Pre-K curriculum for children to promote language skills, cognitive development, social & emotional learning, creativity, math & science learning, and history & social studies learning

Certified Pre-K classroom teachers

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Pre-K Program FAQs

Is there homework for Pre-K?

No formal homework is assigned in our Pre-K program, however, parents are informed on a monthly basis as to what skills and subjects can be practiced at home to be synchronous with learning at school.

What is the teacher-student ratio in Pre-K?

The maximum number of students with one teacher in our Pre-K program is fifteen students.

Does the Pre-K class go on field-trips?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Pre-K program took one field trip each month to local destinations. As soon as it is completely safe to do so again, we plan to resume our Pre-K program monthly field trips.

Will there be formal evaluations so that I can know my child's learning progress?

Our Pre-Kindergarten teachers are trained to continuously monitor student progress, and report any concerns to PKK parents throughout the school year. We also formally evaluate milestones on a bi-annual basis and report results to our Pre-K parents in that manner, as well.

Does my child have to take a nap each day?

Nap time is a state-mandated part of our daily schedule. However, we understand that children at this age often have a difficult time falling asleep if they nap during the day, or nap too long during the day. If you indicate you are alright with your child quietly coloring and reading during nap time, we are able to allow them to do that instead of napping during nap time.