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Preschool Program

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Ages 3 years - 4 years

Three smiling preschool friends wearing Dr. Suess hats with their arms around each other.
Happy 3 Year old doing a craft project in her preschool classroom.
Preschool teacher with 3 happy students in her lap outside on the playground in the sun, smiling and having a good time.

The young preschool child is eager to pursue their autonomy.

Children in this age group are excited by their increased ability to communicate with their peers, and are deeply curious with many questions. Our teachers in our preschool program strive to provide opportunities for the preschool child to play cooperative games, explore the answers to their questions and their newfound independence, and continue to expand their language and self-help skills.

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About Your Child's Development

Be confident that your child's early development years set them up for success.


To develop language skills at this age, our teachers:

  • Introduce common printed sight words

  • Practice reading rhyming 3 and 4 letter words with students

  • Deliver three-part directions to students

  • Help and encourage students to speak in complex and accurate sentences about the past, present, and future


About Your Child's Environment

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Find solace in knowing that your child is safe, well-nurtured, and loved at school.

Our preschool room teachers are fully trained in:

  • CPR and First Aid for children

  • Safe sleep practices for children

  • Safest practices during mealtimes with children

  • Procedures for lifting children

  • Procedures for preventing & handling accidents, injuries, and emergencies

  • Safest supervision practice

  • Early childhood development and milestones for preschool-aged children

  • Full preschool curriculum for children to promote language skills, cognitive development, social & emotional learning, creativity, and math & science learning

Certified preschool classroom teachers

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Preschool Program FAQs

What is the end goal for the curriculum for this age group?

The end goal for curriculum for this age group is to fully prepare children for Pre-Kindergarten via familiarity with conflict resolution and math & reading curriculum.

What does curriculum look like for this age group?

In our preschool program, curriculum is centered around preparing students for Pre-Kindergarten by continuing to work on language, cognitive, and fine motor skills, while still providing ample time each day for play and creativity. Students begin to formally learn math and early literacy skills in this program.

Is there any Spanish curriculum? How is it taught?

Spanish is taught once a week via Spanish music and key vocabulary words.

How often do the kids play outdoors?

The classroom schedule includes two slots for outdoor play each day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, weather permitting. If the Texas weather is uncooperative, students are still able to play outside of the classroom in our indoor gym during their designated outdoor play time.

Can this school help with potty training if my child isn't fully potty trained yet at this age?

Absolutely. If your 3 year-old is not yet fully potty trained, our teachers will help with potty training by following a consistent potty training routine at school that is also followed at home.

What are the behavior and discipline procedures for this age group?

Children become familiarized with our behavior chart, and learn which behaviors and actions move them towards "happy colors", and which actions move them towards "sad colors" throughout the day. Any conflicts during the school day are resolved via conversation between the teacher and students to understand the situation and plan for positive solutions and paths forward together.