Preschool Prep Program

Ages 2 years - 3 years

Around the age of two, children begin asserting their individuality.

Any parent of a two-year-old knows that at this age, children learn to say "no". Our teachers know how important it is to let young toddlers explore their independence and social interactions while also maintaining a watchful eye. Our teachers begin to encourage cognitive skills like problem-solving with this age group, by using children's experiences and observations and guiding them towards different ways of achieving the desired goal. Children begin asserting their independence and developing preferences based on past experiences, and rely on routine and ritual to make sense of their environment and interactions with other people.

About Your Child's Development

Be confident that your child's early development years set them up for success.

To develop language skills at this age, our teachers:

  • Encourage children to use words instead of pointing to objects

  • Frequently provide simple sentence structures for children to use

  • Begin letter and number tracing practice with crayons

  • Continue naming colors, shapes, body parts, animals, and letters of the alphabet

About Your Child's Environment

Find solace in knowing that your child is safe, well-nurtured, and loved at school.

Our preschool prep room teachers are fully trained in:

  • CPR and First Aid for children

  • Safe sleep practices for toddlers

  • Safest practices during mealtimes with toddlers​

  • Procedures for lifting children

  • Procedures for preventing & handling accidents, injuries, and emergencies

  • Safest supervision practice

  • Early childhood development and milestones for toddlers

  • Introductory curriculum for toddlers to promote language skills, cognitive development, social & emotional learning, and creativity

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Preschool Prep Program FAQs

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If my child isn't fully potty trained, will they still be able to move up to the 3 year old class?

Does this school help with potty training?

Can I provide my own water for my child?

Is the food cut up into small pieces for this age group?

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